behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

Easter Bike Polo Thumbs-Up (plus other bike-sports announcements)

Come celebrate Christ's unlocking of Hell's gates with a spot of bicycle polo, 2pm Easter Sunday, overlooking beautiful King Edward Park. Lemonade and chicken sandwiches in the clubhouse during half time.

And kids, keep a lookout when stepping through syringes, smashed glass and other detritus. You never know where the bunny might have left you more eggs :) 


And while I am on the topic of bicycle sports
Approaching cool weather means the thoughts of many will be turning to the annual Bicycle Fox Terrier Hunt, though this year it will be held somewhere more discrete than Marylands Drive. We do not wish to see a repeat of the protests which occurred last year. So the venue shall be announced via text message the evening before. Recommendations as to which of our neighbours' yapping Fox Terriers should be kidnapped for slaughter will be open until one week out from the hunt. 
I can also announce that our annual joint bash with the Creative Anachronists will be happening again, though this time might you all take note of the pads on the ends of these jousting doovywhackers when making your own for Bicycle Jousting.    
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