behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

Pedal Powered Mono-Rails, just what we need!

New Zealand. I mean, what's in the water! A reader brought my attention to the Shweeb system, by this crazy guy Geoffrey Barnett, who has gone so far as to build a full working prototype. Talk about confidence in an untried idea! And what is the idea? Pedal powered capsules, slung from a monorail, no friction, no wind resistance, no hills and no traffic, save maybe two dozen loafers ahead of you on the line. Alright, so there are some issues. Plenty of issues (modal shifts, redistribution of capsules... don't get me started). But come on guys, cycling has to be about more than piss-ant helmet debates, or whatever divides us.

In the end the Shweeb may not be about urban transit, in any form we know it already. But what about applications in industry? Transporting workers to mine sites perhaps. Linking remote communities in places where roads often wash out. What about as a device to stretch a particular building across an extraordinarily large site, to colonize it, for whatever reason. Or how about, because we can, like putting a man on the moon. 

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