behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

By the seat of my non-lycra pants

Ladies, if you would be so kind as to avert your eyes for one moment, I have a rather a delicate issue to broach, with my male readers. Gentlemen, what can be done about this? Wearing out lycra shorts is one thing. Wearing out my good jeans is another entirely! On a busy week, I guess I could spend 8-10 hours in the Brooks saddle, the ol' Bishop's bridge wearing away there. All of my jeans are looking like this, blowing out precisely where I most wish they'd stay true (especially given my penchant for billowing boxers).

I have recently taken advantage of some GFC sales Rapha are having, to order two pairs of cycle specific trousers, in the hope they last longer. In the mean time, any advice would be appreciated. The alternative, might be taking my longer rides on a road bike, with hard wearing tires, and normal—and by that I mean lycra—attire.

(p.s. I found my 4th pair today, but am not sure how they might even be shown without get net-nanny involved).
Tags: sartorial cyclist

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