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Get the look: "Grown Ups" from when you were a kid

This week in Get The Look, I show you how to look the way grown ups did when you were a kid. I'm taken back to the late seventies when the imposition of random breath testing sent many an honest drinking man to his shed, or a bike store, to equip himself with new drinking wheels. The look is defiantly suave. It says, Our cars you may take, but never our pride. The best news is, it's a look you too can add to your cycling repertoire, for under $400. A fixie alone would set you back twice that amount, plus hundreds more for the costume. Here's how!
1975 Raleigh Sports: $300. Period tweed suit with monster lapel: $36. Short back and sides: $32. Complete the look with that scowl you remember men having whenever people like you were keeping them from drinking or gambling. If seeking authenticity, add a hip flask of whiskey to sip to stay warm.
As always though, choosing the right helmet is causing me difficulties.

Get The Look is looking for looks
Know any looks that can be nailed for under $500, including the cost of the bike? Let us know by posting a comment. We have WW2 German soldier's helmet covers to fit over most brands of standard bicycle helmets to give away to readers who can provide stories with pics.
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