behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

$5.5billion transport asset, left most days in Australian sheds

   Store-and-forget solutions, for bicycles you are too frightened to use.    

Can I bore you with some quick figures? Australia’s National Cycling Participation Survey, 2011, found there to be 1.46 bicycles, in working order, per Australian Household. Given the 2006 census counted 7.6 million households, we can guess there to be around 11 million bikes, in this country's garages. Though we don’t have this data, $500 is a fair estimate for the average cost of a bike and associated accessories (helmets, etc) in this affluent country, in which case Australia has a $5.5 billion transport asset being used for less than 2% of all trips. For some perspective, the new 72km Perth to Mandura rail line cost $1.3billion. 

The Australian population has shown a $5.5billion interest in bicycle transit, and is just waiting for their government to match that.
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