behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

If I may gloat

This day, Monday 5 April 2010, saw the annual running of Kooragang Open Cycling Club's Easter public holiday invitational scratch races. You may note from the photos, it was a little dirty out there, on a wet road but with little actual rain to wash us all clean (commuters who own bikes with no mud guards, heed what you are spraying all over your jeans!)

However, the important news, is I won. Me baby. Bloody me. I sat snug in the bunch until the very last moment when bang, out I came out of nowhere, releasing a gigantic yaaaar on the line. If one can not enthuse when victorious, then really, what would we have left?

After za race, I took Za-Bear for a ride on the back of "Ratty" my Raleigh, giving him my new pocket sized, bike blogger issue, digital camera to snap at whatever he liked. He was fascinated by our shadows, god bless him. If I may gloat a while longer, Za-Bear is a genius.
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