behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

Reader of the week: Quinby

This week behooving pays tribute to our resident photographer, Quinby. 10 is not too young to appreciate the brilliance of an Alfine hub's ability to change gears at the lights, or to wear a Sunto heart rate monitor, or to generally recognize most things to do with bikes as being "so cool". Stopping for a thermos of tea on the trail is "so cool". The way you can ride all day and never feel tired is "so cool". New gloves are "so cool." The things I personally enjoy these days, are pretty much the things I discovered at age 10, and that Quinby is just discovering now, although in an accelerated manner, given his dad is more into his bikes than his beer.

Keep those awesome photos coming Quinby, and good luck with your first season racing. And every time you fall off, bounce straight up as you do so incredibly well.
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