January 1st, 2010

Lest anyone call me a greenie

Though I'm sure this blog will never get more than 2 accidental hits, my last post has me tossing and turning that I sound like those pious tossers who, in the same breath, can tell you their coffee is "fair deal", they have a low carbon footprint, and that they holiday in Tuscany because it's the only place they've found authentic coffee.1 (Over in La La Land, they're very hung up about being "authentic".)

I do not cycle from some romantic conception of the planet as having a soul, or of future generations being predetermined to come into existence, but out of my vanity. Check out my legs in this picture:

And this photo was taken 12 months ago when I was only racing in C-grade (the word "only" slipped in to give the impression I now ride for Team CSC Saxo Bank). The bike is made from Titanium, itself with a carbon footprint the size of Godzilla's. 

References (my use of references itself a sign that I am more smarter than yous all)
1. stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/