January 6th, 2010

Primrose's Bianchi


I should thank Primrose, and in turn our neighbour Helga who was Primrose's original inspiration, for this whole move away from pure racing bike riding to about-town riding, that I am engaged in at present. Primrose bought this Bianchi town bike from the shop of a guy I've known for donkey's years now, with the top of the range dutch basket taboot. Compared to what I am used to, the riding position is very upright, more for coasting than sprinting or powering away. While there is nothing much other than the Bianchi brand name to get excited about here, it is still a lovable bike, and I am finding that love matters more than most other things where cycling is concerned. Cycling must first and foremost be something about which one can enthuse.

Baudrillard's explanation for how a Bianchi made in Taiwan can make us believe we're on some street in Milan.