January 8th, 2010

latest plycycle plans

 My friend Dyran is full of ideas, and just talking to him on the phone once a year fills my head as well. While most things I'm drawing are too good to share (meaning they might make some thieving soul rich), this little beauty has no real commercial value. It's merely fantastic.
It has bamboo ply suspension forks, top plank, down plank, seat stay plank, wheels and cranks/bash-guard.
The seat tube, chainstays, drop-outs and bottom bracket are all as one piece in titanium. Likewise let's throw in a TI headtube. The TI steerer will span above and below the headtube to fasten the forks. The design provides vertical compliance (suspension) for comfort, and lateral rigidity for effective power transfer. It wouldn't be much more than 10kg.  
29 inch wheels and single speed belt drive will make this the must have bike of 2010.