February 12th, 2010

What would Bob Dylan ride?

It was my friend the Super-Scoop who endured my quip about spending at least $2000 for a bike he was considering buying "just to keep fit". To assuage the shame I was feeling for being so haughty, again, I decided to bare down on this problem, of matching a bike to the Super-Scoop. I got to thinking, "what would Bob Dylan ride?" since the Scoop loves Bob Dylan. I'm not sure why I instantly saw Bob riding a Kronan, but am I right or what? "Oh poor me, I'm Bob Dylan, I'm just a folk singin' poor corn farmer pedaling a heavy old bike with a bale of hey on my shoulders 'cause I gave all me millions to farm aid". So there it was, the perfect contrivance for Scoop as well! Below is a painting of a bike that Bob painted, a motor bike Bob once rode past a camera, and the bike I can imagine Bob riding. Scoop would sure get fit riding a Kronan as well, given how much they weigh! and I can see him smiling and say hi to everyone out on the cycleway, all smitten by him as they should be. 


Of course by this reckoning, I should ride whatever David Byrne would ride in New York...
                                                ...but aaah, me don't fink so somehow. 

Match each of your friends to a bike.

Know a designer geek living in the 30s still? Match them to this one. Sorry Chappo, but I got your name on the top tube. And your name Martin on the other top tube. And yours Miss Chris on that Mondrian tube under the seat, and there look to be enough tubes for the names of every true believer in le Project Modern, who still dreams they'll become the next Gerrit Rietveld. 

I know a guy who's last name is Wood, and who is a genius when it comes to working with wood, who I could all too easily match to a wooden bike that shares his first name (enlarge the one on the left and look at the decal). Oh, but I would not blame Mr Wood-I-love-wood for poo pooing those ridiculous lugs, in which case I might then steer him toward this wooden racer, or the wood and copper  "bit-different"  bike pictured beside it. Mr Wood is, after all, and in his own words, "a bit different", hey Mr Wood? 


I actually don't know anyone who I could match to a bike worth $150000. If you're out there though, and if you like keeping much poorer friends, and if you like giving poor friends your money— 

Neither do I happen to know anyone so wed to car culture that they would ride a mercedes. The option is there though.

Oh, but I do know some Betties. If you're reading this Zinny.