March 10th, 2010

Best of Britain

How could I not drive away with the 1975 3-speed Raleigh Sports, praised by Sheldon Brown as the ultimate in human powered transportation, before the boomers went in for 10 speeds. 

It has a slightly bent pedal axle, and the front brake pads had perished, but otherwise is everything one could dream of in a stately old bike. The story of the widow reluctantly walking it down to Steel City Bikes, who sold it to me for an eminently fair $300, rather than see it go to some bum as their beach bike, then me Mr. Bike Buff coming home and drowning it in lube then heading out in a storm grinning like Toad of Toad Hall and tingling the bell. Poop poop! Out for coffee this morning, even had the pleasure of crossing paths with Woodsie from Two Wheel Industries who immediately fell with his face on the ground like a Hindu seeing Shiva riding a cow.   

Poop poop! Ever so pleased. Shall now ride it 30k to the office and back.