March 25th, 2010

Ignore the reports. No one is warring.

People ask me, "Behooving, where do you stand on the helmet debate? Should cyclists be made to use cycleways? Is Lycra gay?" Oh it's exhausting.
Take a moment to consider what's happening here. The media pigeon holes each of us into some camp, then fabricates stories that the camps are all warring. In the absence of any real wars to stimulate readership and sell advertising space, they're forced to invent them.
But there are no wars. Not really. I've not seen pelotons of cyclists all toting Uzi 9 millimeters. Have you?
And as a rule, cars are quite mindful of cyclists. And cyclists are generally mindful of everyone. Cycling facilities are better than ever. And that guy dressed in lycra now, probably rides in his jeans sometimes as well. Most roadies have a mountain bike, just as most mountain bike riders have road bikes. For a species that has killed throughout history, the 8 billion humans are enjoying the peace and getting on reasonably well. 

I would think that if bicycle activism gets you out of the house, and among naked women, then it is worth being passionate about; but not for more than one day in the year. Otherwise, don't eat yourself up. Go for ride!