March 31st, 2010

Number 1 rated by Google!

Thank you all for putting behooving moving to the very top according to Google! You can help keep this site there by always navigating to the blog via their search engine.  
For those who are interested, between 10 and 20 people visit each day, occasionally more, and each click on average 5 times.
Special thanks to those who leave comments. If it wasn't for you I could not claim this to be the only truly intellectual place for discussing the cultural ascension of cycling. Other blog groups discuss fashion. Many preach singular agendas ad nauseam. But none are so ambitious in their breadth, and so rigorous depth-wise, as those of us who are active within this fledgling online community.
By the way, the quest that sparked this whole thing, to buy 8 prestige bicycles for the price of one jerry built car, is very much alive and well still, with the Velorbis arriving from Denmark any day now, and the prototype box bike due to be made within 8-10 weeks.