April 4th, 2010

Newcastle Gentlemen's Bicycle Polo asked to vacate!

Sad news, a council ranger interrupted today's meeting of Newcastle Gentlemen's Bicycle Polo, to inform us that all the requisite red tape was never in place for us to make use of our wonderful grounds, and that we had prematurely taken possession of our [slight sniffle] ocean view clubhouse, a building already invested with grand dreams, of the world's beers all on tap for a dollar, $10 salmon steaks, a big honor role with our names on. The indignity, of being spoken to as though either we were delinquents, or illiterates—for "apparently", if one were to look closely, our ball-catch fences were security fences, with signs telling US, that WE should "keep out"! I contend that one would need to look awfully closely to find evidence of said signs in the various photographs documenting our time at this venue!

Gentlemen that we are though, we left without protest. We also thanked Primrose for bringing lovely chicken sandwiches and lemonade by singing a round of the national anthem to her, God Save Our Queen.

And so it is that our little group has hung its whackers for the last time at Beautiful King Edward Park. But rest assured, by 2pm Sunday next, NGBP will have found an even more salubrious venue for our weekly gathering of civilized sportsmen... and sports women of course. By definition, a gentlemen's club is ever welcoming of members of the fairer sex, whether they come with chicken sandwiches as Primrose so kindly did this week, or indeed if they wish to actually play, as miss Miss Plumb did one week ago. We hope to see you next week Miss Plumb.

Venues under consideration (each is a link to maps.google):

Concourse in front of Customs House, Newcastle.
The "meadow" at Centennial Park.
Fenced area adjacent Lowlands Bowling Club
Hidden disused tennis court accessible via lane off of Cram Street, The Junction,
Covered hard court area at Newcastle East Public School, if granted permission  
Any of the green spaces along
Albert Street Wickham
Richardson Park, Broadmeadow,