April 23rd, 2010

helmets and the surveillance society

I knew the moment I popped Za Bear up on my port rack, that if anything had gone wrong I would have been dammed for life as an irresponsible sod for risking his head, despite the fact that thousands of kids in Europe travel this way to school still, and that I grew up learning to protect my head when falling from bikes, as I did almost each day.
The eyes of the surveillance society (Foucault quote) were on me though, as I defiantly gave him a big thrill, making him the envy of his peers, who no doubt tonight are being told by their parents that Za Bear's dad was "very irresponsible doing that" meaning they should not do the same. 
I've seen the bike crash footage on Youtube. I know heads hit the ground hard. But at walking pace, over soft grass? We have to live a bit too!