May 27th, 2010

Get the look: Motorcycle Rebel

Until I overheated, today I commuted motorcycle style, in my leather jacket and gloves. The only thing I couldn't maintain were the engine sound raspberries, that I blew for a while, but my lips began to feel numb. I was a kid whose world as imagined is nothing like the one outside his head, like when I was 3 and used to be Motor Mouse up and down the length of my grandparents' hallway, with my hands clutching invisible ape-hangers. Bikies, god bless 'em, are retarded, so have these fantasies into adulthood.
So this week's look is real easy to achieve, just a jacket and gloves, and boots are good too. Seeing how cheesy I look in these photos drives home what I was suspecting, that all this bike stuff is just a mid life crisis for some guy who doesn't get motors.

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