May 30th, 2010

Progress on the 8 for 1 mission

This blog started with the aim of documenting my quest to own 8 prestige bikes for the price of 1 German car. Shall we check on my progress?
A surprise turn came when I arrived home with the Velorbis. I never imagined actually wanting to ride it. It was just something to keep in my office for posing on trips to the coffee cart and cross campus to lectures, but I find myself using it for every commute! The extra five minutes it adds to my journey is more than made up for by: the harder workout it offers; the way full fenders keep it and me clean and reasonably dry in the rain; the smiles I get from women and the jeers from jealous men; the lights that automatically come on when it's dark; the puncture resistance; the pannier bag; and the comfortable ride. Also, if you have ever caught breath approaching a slower rider, then bombed past to deliberately make them feel weak (and what cyclist hasn't done that?) imagine how weak they must feel being overtaken by a well dressed old dude with coat guards and a big kick-ass stand! Oh it's delicious. 

As things stand, I only need a few bikes: the Lynskey for race days, the dirt cheap trail breaker for bicycle polo, and the Velorbis for everything else. The mongoose I bought as a donor bike for the worlds greatest box bike that I've not quite finished designing, is about to get nobbly tires and will get a few runs up the bush as my overweight 29er. I've got Quinby on his Cannondale F7 mountain bike, plus a BMX I scavenged for him for free at that eco whatever bicycle exchange place. Za bear has his 16" BMX, or he can choose the child seat on the back of the Mongoose. Primrose has her Cannondale road bike for getting to work in a hurry (she has dropped the road racing), plus her Bianchi for riding to Yoga. My old red Cannondale, I'll admit, I won't ever ride now, though I'm not sure I have the heart to sell it on ebay.

I guess all that remains, is to buy a Moots Mooto XZ full suspension titanium 29er, finish the box bike project, then buy a touring tandem. After that, all I would need would be: race worthy bikes for each of my children; a track bike, to take up that sport; a carbon aero time trialing bike; 2 or 3 more swanky town bikes like the Velorbis; then Bromptons for each family member for overseas holidays. Oh god, I've lost count how many bikes I will need to live life more fully than I could with 1 Jerry Built car, but I'm still pretty sure I'd be financially better off still, buying the bikes!