August 26th, 2010

World dress-well-for-cycling day.

  A $36 tweed suit from the op-shop                                                                      A $650 water repelling all wool cycling jacket by Rapha

Dressing for ones daily commute lays claim to cycling as a prestigious mode of transport, in rather the same way as dressing for dinner at eight makes "dining" of eating. You may let your children eat from their laps while watching TV; I at least have the family sit at a table. What you may find surprising is that when I ask the children to actually set the table, they fight for honours: lighting candles, arranging cutlery, bringing out sauces etc.. They delight in the sense of occasion. Next time I might suggest we dress up as well, and shall report back as to the idea's reception.
What a wonderful statement we cyclists could make, by overdressing for our commutes on one agreed day every year! "What's with all the overdressed cyclists?" drivers would ask. The Friday nearest each equinox maybe? If we here can agree on a compelling date, we can then take the idea to those types of people who like to organise things of this kind.
All that would remain would be to coin some new term, equivalent to "dining", that describes cycling when done in nice clothes.