October 5th, 2010

Birth pains continued: The BM Quotidian

In today's episode Dr. Behooving continues to chronicle the evolution of the most considered design for an every-day bike since Raleigh released its Sports model. For readers just joining, the bike when complete will be one he will want to ride each day for the rest of his life, hense its name, The Behooving Moving Quotidian. The story continues

So I take some advice from Gus, that the chopper forks I was drawing would really add weight, then I go to meet my frame builder CB King for yet another working lunch to talk about lugs. A few breakthroughs result.
As yet neither Columbus or Reynolds are making stainless fork blades, let alone bent ones. (Although this blog post suggest that may not be right??? CB: please have a look!) Neither would I be able to source the various lugs I need for my unusual frame design via regular sources, were I to insist on those lugs being stainless. Such a shame! The detail of a stainless lugged and stainless tubed frame by Bob Brown (above left) is utterly gorgeous. However, if I were to accept that the lugs and fork blades could be CroMo, and painted, and then if I reserved my use of unpainted stainless for the actual tubes, fenders and chain guard, the whole bike could be assembled using off the shelf lugs. The central images of frames by Engin Cycles suggest the effect. I really wasn't relishing the idea of using exposed silver fillet and stainless, as per the last image above. 
I find this to be a more than satisfactory compromise, firstly because the lugs are less likely to be scratched as part of normal wear and tear than are the main tubes, and secondly because the contrasting painted lugs and raw stainless tubes lend an old-world fancy type air. If you can imagine the lugs on the pictured frame above by Dave Anderson, being painted rather than silver, you'll see how certain colours really do sing with raw stainless steel as their accompaniment. My drawn version of The Quotidian as of this evening, uses Velorbis's chain guard; I'll have to design one of my own soon, perhaps using gum-leaf motifs.
My concern coming on bed time, is it is not quite the bike I was imagining riding with an obligatory pair of hip architects' glasses. It would go better, perhaps, with a ten gallon hat. Now there's a thought! What if Bonanza were a bicycle brand?