October 28th, 2010

Architects' letters to Santa.

I have it from Peter Davidson and Donald Bates, of LAB architects, that this year they have both asked Santa for bikes with Craig Calfee's spider web frame. Good luck with the cleaning there boys!

Which reminds me of the many triplicate letters I found while doing research in The Buckminster Fuller archival holdings. "Dear Santa, may I please this year have that Moulton you owe me." The absence of any bikes whatsoever in Bucky's estate, tells us he might have been naughty.

This year, she tells me, Zaha Hadid has asked for anything white, and monocoque carbon, to go with her clipless full carbon shoes.

While, to keep Calatrava from crying, Santa need only watch ebay for a secondhand slingshot. That's what we like, an architect who doesn't even pretend to have taste!