December 15th, 2010

Ladies, whose shoes would be welcome under your bed?

Ladies, you will be helping men the world over, simply by leaving any relevant comments about these bike looks. Remember, we can't make you happy if you don't actually say what you like :)  There are no professional models here, just regular guys working their glutes off to be loved by their lady.

The building code's war against spirals.

No architect can at once be a lover of beauty, and still believe the Building Code of Australia is even fit for wrapping hot chips in. Imagine if any of the spirals pictured below had been spoiled by regular landings, as the BCA would require? Surely building safety cannot only be regulated by bone specialists and boneheads who don't know that wheelchairs have brakes. Aesthetes need a say, if only to aid the depressed. Just think about it: legal ramps are so dull, even the well medicated could be forgiven for wanting to end their safe walk to the top with a leap. 

As far as I see, there are two possible avenues via which the beauty of the spiral might triumph. 1. Architects might argue that their proposed ramps are neither for walking on, or for wheelchairs, but are exclusively for bicycle circulation. Hundreds of beautiful buildings could be built before the boffins have even stopped scratching their heads. 2. An army of frail grannies comes out and says what I'm not allowed to, that at their age they would rather have spiraling ramps they can sit and admire, than ugly staccato spirals they're personally expected to climb.