January 2nd, 2011

Euro box bikes have an Australian importer!

Whether for reasons of piety, practicality, finding love, or medicine ball training, we all need a box bike. And thank the lord Jesus Christ Buddha of Mary, that good quality Danish and Dutch box bikes now have an Australian importer! Dear Dutch Cargo Bike, I would be ever so grateful if you could send me the box bike pictured below left, for that free plug :) Please include the rain cover, and upgrade me to a Brooks saddle. Alternatively, you may send me the Bullitt, below right, but it must have hub gen lights, the box, plus a cover. 

It remains now for Australian readers of Behooving Moving, to behoove themselves by not emulating their cheapskate guru, myself. Rather, you should just phone through with your credit card details and simply buy the bike you know you so dearly covet. Bringing a container load of boutique bikes from Holland and Taiwan, into a limited market such as ours in Australia, is no petty gamble. It would behoove us all if their gamble paid off. Love them or hate them, cargo bikes raise cycling's profile, by turning heads, but also by showing those 4WD owners that we too are deeply invested, and have every right to our slither of road. That is unless you can stop at nothing short of a genuine Rhoadescar, and a whole lane, to bring vehicular traffic and civilization to a complete standstill. And just look at what joy that will bring to your children.
"All kids deserve memories of road trips. Even if dad got done DUI."
Photo stolen courtesy of the Rhoadescar customer car photo gallery.

For having made you aware of your chance now to be more pious than someone with a 4 car garage load of Toyota Priuses, I feel licensed to at least ask this one little thing of you, that you refrain from using this awful word "bakfiet". In the King James version it's "Box Bike".