January 22nd, 2011

Just a taste of my fabulous book

I'm not sure if I've mentioned, but I am writing a book. Laboring over paragraphs I occasionally surprise myself with my own genius. Like kop a wallop of this little gem, hot off the keyboard:

            Advocates of bicycle transit can easily sabotage their own efforts, if cycling to them is merely a handmaiden to some other agenda. Consider a cycle path advocate with a dominant interest in public health, and how they might react if, for argument’s sake, they saw it was becoming trendy for cyclists to smoke. Never mind the freedom of movement cycling affords, they might prefer people walked more, for example to trains, on which as a bonus they would not be able to smoke. Likewise, promoting cycling out of a concern for global warming, rather than seeing green dividends as a knock-on benefit, could see cycling being abandoned if carbon neutral cars came along—and so much for obesity and traffic congestion if that were to happen. Of these four: (1) cycling for cycling’s sake; (2) public health; (3) environmentalism, and; (4) urban transit, it is only number 1, cycling for cycling’s sake, that if pursued faithfully would inherently yield dividends for the remaining three interest groups. It follows that environmentalists, public health campaigners, and transit planners would ultimately have their own interests better protected, by agreeing to give pre-eminent regard to the needs of cycling, pursued as an end in itself.


The Behooving Moving Head Badge and Colour Scheme

If you must know, CB King and I are actually at the stage of building prototypes of Behooving Moving's first bike, that will of course win best in show at NAHBS in 2012, make CB and I rich not only in the sense of a rich life in cycling, make you rich (in the sense of a rich life in cycling, only, I'm sorry), and be in production long after CB and I have departed to that macadam road in the sky where cyclists read poetry and drivers and others read prose (thanks Billy Collins for that last line).

Last night the Hon. Hamish and I—with Hamish holding the pencil—discussed a range of possible head badges, doodles of which we commit to you now (click the image above left to inspect). If you will ignore the cat's arse, elephant's arse, erect penis and Y-fronts, and turn your attention instead to sketches resembling the Miverva Obelisk, Atlas holding a bike wheel, Samothrace's wings on a bike wheel, and that cliched bit of heraldry in the upper right corner, you will glean some sense for the soup of ideas in the air. Then, on the right, you will see the result of my own doodling today. And there you have it, the head badge that will feature on all of our bikes. Our dream is merely that it appear as the merest of sparks, in the dazzling light of head badges of ages past, a sample of which I present below, sourced from the Velo Base head badge gallery.  

As to colour schemes, it is my view that polished stainless and/or aluminium did not how how silver it was, until it was set beside white or cream.