February 6th, 2011

Come join the world's first linen run

You've heard of tweed runs, those quirky events aimed at making cycling look all warm and snug in cold rainy climates. Well, here is your invitation to an event designed to show that cycling can be cool too, even in the hottest of climates.  

Sartorial cyclists from Sydney to the Upper Hunter and North Coast regions are cordially invited to join in a spirited ride, this coming Sunday, along one of the world's truly remarkable rail trails, The Fernleigh Track, stretching Southward from Newcastle. I know we have all done stints in Indo China, right darling, so you will each have vast swathes of linen in your wardrobes to don, on this occasion of...
the world's first linen run.


From Railtrails Australia's description:

[The Fernleigh Track] is a high quality rail trail through a range of landscapes from suburbia to dense bushland. A major feature is the brick lined tunnel under the Pacific Highway. Considerable effort has gone into preserving the history of the corridor with rail track being left in place where practical and removed rail and sleepers used for features along the trail.

Advance notice via email to behoovingmoving [at] gmail [dot] com will ensure you are waited for (for how long I'm not sure) after our scheduled time of departure, 2pm, from the Adamstown end of the track, meeting at the Bailey Street Roundabout, near Park Avenue Adamstown.
Follow your experienced guide Dr. Behooving to a marvelous catenary arched tunnel. Pass a wide array of suburban fence types and ever changing stuff of the non-man-made variety as we wind through bushland, toward to the coast, then past a swamp. Enjoy Dr. Behooving's expert commentary as he shares knowledge gained leading architectural study tours of ancient Greece and Italy. Keep your eyes peeled on the way, as snakes are not the only native wildlife you're likely to encounter in this city of surprise contrasts, where big name celebrities roam uninterrupted by autograph hunters. You might see 4 times world surfing champion MR, Miss Universe Jen, one of the Johns Boys, or even someone from Silverchair, just riding along in a foam dome.   

The return leg will offer a chance for a dip at beautiful Redhead Beach where the surf club serves multi-award winning River Roast coffee, hand crafted, one bean at a time, right here in the Hunter. Those wishing to head all the way to the historic center of Newcastle after the ride, are welcome to follow Dr. Behooving and enjoy the soothing drone of even more commentary. He is a well known local identity, with some truly rip roaring stories to share. 
As many will know, Newcastle was included in Lonely Planet's list of the top ten cities to visit in 2011. Mid February affords visitors an opportunity to see Newcastle at its beach side sizzling best, after the holiday crowds have gone home, and the vibrant international student population has returned, with their Scandinavian home-wrecking modesty standards transferring the sands. See Visit Newcastle for accommodation options in this city of face painters, publicly subsidized clown troops, and obligatory jazz bands.  

Date, Time and Place: Sunday 13 February, 2pm, Bailey Street Roundabout, near Park Avenue Adamstown. Dress: linen. Bike: sweet.

Sorry for the late notice, but that's how things are done here in Newcastle, where, to steal a line from Portlandia, "the young go to retire".  Suggest checking this page Saturday night for any refinements in plans—another thing we do here in Newcastle.