February 14th, 2011

Recent events

No time to pontificate this evening I am sorry, as I fly out to quite a bizarre conference in the morn to present a rather fruity paper I rit. To reward your faith in me though (and I do so appreciate you checking in to see what I've written), I can give you a link to this blog, sent me by long term BM reader WeCanRideGiants. CycleEXIF reminds us what a broad and passionate church cycling provides, with heaven right now, because cyclists hate waiting, that is well known.

I'll leave you too with some photos of the mischievous ramble that was the world's first linen run. A truly swell turnout. Look forward to a full report soon.

Neither could I possibly run off to a debauched time on my own, without debuting my simply delicious special new friend (no, not a groupie, a bike), this one actually given to me, to review. Now there is a story, that if nothing else should remind you just what an important, neigh powerful, and substantial shadow casting person I am, that I should be given a bike to review. Oh and I didn't just get an Electra Ticino, like Bike Snob was given, with chewy-gum welds. I got a nice bike. It was only a matter of time before the world outside my head would come to resemble the one I've created within, where I am the funnier, smarter, and snobbier bike blogger.