February 18th, 2011

Placement of bike racks

Beside my usual philosophical musings, drawing on Plato and Freud, what I am about to say is almost too banal a thing to be said here, on Behooving Moving, the thinking gentleman's bike blog. It is this, that cyclists prefer to chain their bikes within view of a foyer. Bike thieves prefer them to chain their bikes somewhere discrete. Architects who imagine their buildings being photographed without people, let alone bikes, to celebrate the play of light on pure forms, like to place bike racks out of sight. Architects who imagine life going on in their buildings, embrace the messy vitality that bicycles bring. 
The State Library of Queensland has one lot of bike racks in view of reception (pictured left) and another by a side entrance where no one can see them. It's obvious from these photos which lot of racks cyclists prefer. Even if they have to ride further, they will, to park their bikes somewhere visible. Would I be alone in thinking the architecture too, is elevated by the presence of bikes? Or would most people prefer cold De Cherico shadows?