March 6th, 2011

When you feel the burden of proof

My publicist said I should tweet, so I registered for a twitter account (Clover Moore follows me—go on, follow me too), but my problem with twitter, is I find myself cheering with fellow cheerers, all cheering for each others pro-cycling rants, none of us ever once having to substantiate any of our claims. The world is dividing into tribes; make that congregations; make that cults. (Hey, I always wanted to be a cult leader!)

Guy Sebastian is Sai Baba's love child —  though I can't substantiate that, I know you won't disagree. 

Many of my own scholarly publications are linked to, via a page somewhere on my university website. It's so hard to find, I can't even be bothered right at this moment to look. By contrast, most of the works of the American bicycling scholar, Professor John Pucher, are available for download via his bio page. I'm finding them a great repository of data confirming things we know, but otherwise can't actually prove, in defense of our cause.