March 7th, 2011

Forthcoming Speaking Tour

Would you like me to speak in your town? I'm funny, experienced, and best of all cheap! Next month I'll be speaking in various Australian cities, after which I have talks lined up in Boston in May. My time is accounted for during June, but I will be in Europe throughout July. I will be traveling with a camera, photographing buildings for and about bikes for a book I am currently writing.

My itinerary is blissfully flexible though, meaning that if you can rustle an audience, I might be able to swing by your town. Oh please please please, no mention of money. I am an aristocrat, let's not forget. I don't sell my time, but give it freely in exchange for your ear, and hospitality. (Just put me up and feed me, I'm trying to say).

The message of my talk is that architecture could be playing a much greater role in the making of cycling cities, like it did in the making of car cities decades ago. I give an historical background, that will clue you up on certain key aspects of architectural history and theory, before gradually breaking the subject down to specifics, though not the point where I start prescribing bike rack design. I assume my listeners can imagine solutions themselves, and are more interested in frameworks for thinking.

If you like my blog, chances are, I'll like your company. Send an email to steven [at] behoovingmoving [dot] com, and we can talk.