March 13th, 2011

More poppycock cycling advice from the government.

A few days ago, I said only bad advice circulates on the topic of dooring. Watch this video, and you'll see what I mean.

I agree with the simple suggestion, that one should slow down if forced momentarily to ride in the door zone. I would add though, that gentlemen cyclists know to hold onto their lane, and tune out whatever cursing should come from behind them. But with respect to the parting advice of this government funded clip, I am afraid that I must take umbrage. The suggestion that I, Dr. Behooving, a man of vision and gumption, who cycles already, should risk my life for the day that more people cycle, is utterly ludicrous. People who don't cycle already, are humanity's lard, Charles Darwin's apes, the eugenicist's rejects. And I, Dr. Behooving, am to put my life at risk for such people? Pure and utter Poppycock sir. 

p.s. contrary to the opinions expressed in this post, I have another opinion, that high school kids are not confirmed lard, apes or rejects. Thus the world should be made more easy to cycle, for their sakes.