March 15th, 2011

Latest fruits of my cool hunting

Gothenburg. Ah, the mere mention conjures thoughts of Swedish women (as do the words plate, helicopter and optometrist, but perhaps that's just me). But from this day forth may the word Gothenburg (be still me heart), be synonymous with architects in the service of cycling.

Here are Fredrik Kjellgren and Joakim Kaminsky, (say that 5 times fast!) looking like guys who must have beautiful girlfriends... forget that, I mean, looking like talented young Swedish architects with a concern for the future. Which they are! They have a manifesto—how delightfully quaint, but then, they do look like Kraftwerk—and they have plans for cycleways around their city of Gothenburg, with rain protection provided by some kind of monorail over the top. Brilliant!

And brilliant hair too. Kraftwerk hair, inspired by the original hipsters. When I get my Behooving Moving online shop going, I promise to sell Kraftwerk cycling jerseys and clocks.

Bike Stations on Wikipedia

Left: McDonald's Bike Station with Gehry's Bandshell behind

Thanks most of all to the efforts of this guy, Wikipedia features two nice entries on bikes stations, an introduction to the general concept, plus a list of a few bike stations in the US. I used it to find the photos above and this video (that for some reason, I can't embed). Given bike stores make much of their income from mechanical services these days (what, with chainreaction, wiggle, universal cycles, pro-bike kit and anyone else I might plug, all taking their sales), I would think any bike shop in a dense area should consider opening a free bike parking station, if at all possible.