March 21st, 2011

When called on to be a witness

From time to time and by and by, a Cyclist's mind turns to upsetting the ol' apple cart, bribing His or Her local council for less deadly cycle routes, chasing down and berating drivers for harassing Children riding their bikes, cavorting with greenies because in this they're Our allies. The political agitation bug has caught Me this month, I'm afraid. Thus it came to pass (I'm writing in the style of the Book of Mormon this morning—not quite sure why), that Dr. Behooving gathered the following links to data repositories, wherein the good Student of Cycling Theology will surely find empirical data in support of His Faith. Hush, fear not, I would never say Faith requires proof. It is our duty nonetheless, as good Cycling Sheep, to defend Our Faith before swine, to hone Our cycling apologetics, to be sharp weapons in this most Holy War. To wit: todays 5 places to find studies with which to bash heathen.
 From left: Joseph Smith, here pictured without his bike; 2 reasons to make our roads safer; traditional moisture wicking Mormon underwear still #1 choice of plain clothes cyclists; 2 reasons for making the moon's roads safer too.  

1. Links to hundreds of studies here, on the Bikes Belong website.
2. Dozens of US  bike plans  free on the web.
3. Studies by cycling consulting group ALTA.
4. Professor John Pucher's oeuvre complete.  and last but not least,
5. Portland's Bicycle Plan for 2030, copied from the original gold plates that Roger Geller found in a cave. Now I know the yanks can be a little touchy about their IP, but in this case they would have no problem with any of us rubbing out Portland, and writing the name of our city, then running for mayor.