April 17th, 2011

The handicap specialist does it again!

This morning's effort. Oh, I could give you paragraphs rhapsodizing over my kick from 350 meters, but shall leave it at that.

Looks like they paid prize money to half of the field! Extra money on this occasion for the first two women over the line, who just had to be photographed next to the winner. As per my earlier instructions on how to win memorial handicaps, you will note I'm wearing camouflage grey.

A cyclist's map of his city

This is a map of Newcastle only a keen cyclist would understand. It is not an official cycle-way map, although there is some cross over. It is nothing like a road map, although it does show many roads. The black lines are roads drivers would know. I've only included a few, because they don't interest me terribly much, and my knowledge is sketchy.

The green lines are streets and off road bike tracks, that are safe to cycle on now. They just need coloured bike lanes painted on the road surface, to encourage novice cyclists to use these routes, and to assure them they are on the right track. Signs saying things like, "Stadium, 10 minutes by bike" would be a huge help as well.

The red lines indicate stretches that need some work to make them bike safe, though we're not talking radical measures. We're blessed in this city with wide, country-town roads, and low traffic volumes.
Red circles o are intersections along the bike routes that need some attention, to make them bike friendly. The solid red circles are intersections along major bicycle routes that really need urgent attention. They are bringing the whole system undone, and should have been fixed years ago. They need new sets of lights with buttons for cyclists to press, in order to negotiate otherwise lethal road crossings.

HS indicates high school. I thought these deserved special mention, as in the midst of an obesity epidemic, and with teenagers getting depressed and all that, it is really important that our society give kids every chance to cycle to school.

I know many in local and state level government, read my blog religiously—thanks Julia for all the fan mail! I'm heading off overseas shortly. Back early July. May I suggest you get this shit fixed before I return. Then we can sit down and talk about sensible budgetary provisions, a 30% bike share, even some nice videos such as this one: