April 20th, 2011


Allow me to tell you what little I know about velomobiles. First of all, I know they are called velomobiles, which is more than I knew a week ago, before I was approached by this guy, then got on the phone to this guy, and looked at the web sites of these guys and these guys (plus a half dozen more).
I also know the velomobile will have its day, if and when energy prices bring an end to the current catastrophe, we call the road network. Those roads will be nice to use with our velomobiles when those #@+%ing cars have all become scrap. Until recently, the trend was to make velomobiles fully enclosed and as much like cars as possible, but they were steamy inside and weighed more than the rider. The trend now is to compromise aerodynamics and rain protection, and leave your noggin poked out top like whack-a-mole. The Australian made Rotovelo by Trisled has half the weight, style and price, but double the usefulness of its European forebears the Aero-Rider, and Go-One Revolution.   
Shall we now debate the relative pros and cons of the velomobile vis-à-vis a regular bicycle. With Socrates as our witness, may we interrogate every assumption until only truth itself is left standing. We'll begin with this proposition: velomobiles are awesomely awesome, and cost less than that Cervello you're eying. End of discussion.