April 21st, 2011

With a bike the whole city is a kind of a building

Please don't tell my boys, but since watching this Youtube clip, and getting big up on "Squid", New York's celebrity messenger, I have regressed to some of my former patterns of riding. I can't do it out in the burbs, but between Newcastle East and Newcastle West, I can tell you nothing beats pedal power. You just have to tell yourself you're going to keep going regardless. During busy times of the day, I swear I could head down, back, then back down any arterial road in my city, before you could make it down once in your car. It's almost too easy, to call it a challenge.

I've never owned a fixie, just borrowed a few for short rides, but from my limited experience I can say they are like cycling, only a little like walking as well. They enlarge your strides. So I'm imagining my Kamikaze city assaults, if I did them on a track bike. I suspect those rides might feel like a brisk walk through a crowd. Riding from one end of town to the other, would be like walking from Coles to K-Mart inside a big mall. So guess what? The city just got turned into a building.
In architecture, it's usually the other way around. Buildings are conceived as microcosms of cities. But with a bicycle, division becomes multiplication. I can take a few steps on the cranks, and go from one block to the next block, like stepping down a corridor from my door to your door.