April 23rd, 2011

Don't be shy, add me

, Twitter, Linkedin... are there any I've missed (other than sites for zee couples, that is)? The aim of all this, this, connection, is to ensure none of us ever miss a party, am I right? So go on, don't be shy, take this Easter down-time to add me. Then if ever you're in Newcastle I will introduce you to this marvelous beverage we drink here called beer.

Celebrity endorsements

It is my way of giving something back to this world, from which my slave-trading ancestors took so much in the past, that I occasionally lend my fame and vast wealth to the promotion of humanitarian causes: world peace; world hunger; AIDS, local club racing. So it warms my heart to see lesser celebrities coming on board, and getting behind cycling. In the clip below you will see the somewhat famous motorcycle maker and violin teacher, David Suzuki, with his lovely new wife, cycling around Copenhagen. Extolling the virtues of the world's second greatest cycling city (after my own), is my old friend Mikael Colville Andersen. He needed a bike for the day, so I loaned him mine.

So come on Bono, get on your bike. Michael Jackson, Prince Charles, Elvis, even Lance Armstrong have been out doing their bit. So what's up with you Bono? I don't understand you at all.