April 26th, 2011

Bicycle parking stations in every city

This is as embarrassing as going to the chemist. I must stand before you and confess that two wonderful bicycle parking stations have gone under my radar. Both are by architect Fernando Vazquez, in Long Beach CA, commissioned by bikestation.

I guess it's time to admit, reporting on every new architect designed bicycle parking station, will soon take more time than I can devote to the task. Within ten years, bicycle parking stations will demand their own trophies at all our architectural awards nights. Many American cities now require 5 bike spaces per 100 occupants in all new commercial developments, 50% of which must be secure with showers and lockers. To date, the mere provision of such facilities has been newsworthy. From now on though, we'll be able to focus our attention on ways this new building type might invigorate architecture.

Get the look: local expert

It was my great pleasure today to show a journalist about my fine town. For the occasion I chose an artfully stressed linen shirt, sleeves rolled up as though I mean business. Mr. fix-it sets sight on cycle path planning: that would make a nice headline. Did you know iPhones are dictaphones? Is there something I should know these changeling contraptions in our top pockets cannot turn themselves into? Guitar tuners? Ice creams?  Shatter proof?

Okay, for this look you just need that around-home ruffled hair, sloppy clothes, $360 Maui Jim sunglasses, and a few bikes to loan to those lionizing you with their interest. If on;y it were that simple though! You see, next they start asking you questions, and while they like to think you're scratching your head for things you are thinking up on the spot, in the end they want catchy one-liners, as many as Robbie Williams can shoe-horn into a song.

Thankfully, I have been crafting media grabs with my blogging. Here are a few, that came out today.
  • Bikes can run lights, because if there were no cars, there would be no such thing as light anyway.
  • What is a pedestrian anyway? Aren't they just drivers let out for air?
  • Cyclists are hermit crabs, colonizing areas planned for walking, that are too vast for walking.
  • Bike thieves prefer racks no-one can keep a close eye on.
  • If you are walking and wish your feet came with wheels, chances are, you are in cyclespace.
  • Town bikes give us the same upright postures we present to prospective mates. 
So thank you Dzintra, and special friend Gus with the camera, for making me feel special today. If you're reading this, David Suzuki, spend some jet fuel and come say hello too.