May 7th, 2011

Genuine job satisfaction

Last Sunday was the first time since the trees have all grown that I've been for a look at this park I designed when I worked in Singapore. As the architect, I know more than anyone the things that went wrong on the project—bloody bureaucracies—but I can also say, "mum, I did good".  With the roads as they are, I wasn't cycling so much as running while I was in Singapore, so I had the idea of a running track that meandered from folly to folly, in a park carved into quadrants, each themed up according to an element, earth, rain, wind and fire. But the park was literally crossed by two path ways. I didn't want those people who were just passing though breaking runners' strides, so I used the levels to get them crossing the park at a higher level, over these bridges.
Architecture really does have its moments of job satisfaction, like going back last Sunday and seeing maybe 2 dozen people using the jogging track, ten times more than I saw running around Singapore's harbour that day. Aside from those parts the bureaucrats wrecked in my absence (that can remain my private shame) the bloody thing is working as planned. Pardon my swearing, I'm typing through tears.