May 18th, 2011

See Washington in an hour

 Planning to spend an hour in Washington? I did. I enjoyed breakfast at 5am at the greyhound bus terminal, having ridden overnight from New York in non-reclining bus seats. I escaped at the first sign of light, found Union Station (and the building I came here to see), then rode past all the sights: Saint Peter's, the Obelisk of Thothmes and the Parthenon, complete a goddess sporting a beard, just like Abraham Lincoln's. It's amazing really how Classical it all is. Imagine Rome, only s-p-p-pread out. They're really envisioning this country going places. When it does, they have a capital city aliens will not mistake for the capital of the whole world—although Phnom Penh is pretty grand too. Yes, wonderful, so then I went back to see the building I'd come to see, then rode my little bike to the airport.