May 27th, 2011

BMX Breakin'

For decades but a dream, it seems the essential pieces of the puzzle are now in place, for BMX Breakin' to be the next biggest most awesomest thing since Lance Armstrong stepped on the moon. Actually, BMX Breakin' was never a dream, le's be honest. Some things are simply beyond imagining, unthinkable, then some nut job throws it on Youtube. If anyone reading, who has an unbreakable spine, would like to devote the next year or two to adding some old school lockin' and poppin' and gymnastics moves, to those witnessed in virtuosic performance demonstrated in the above clip, an audience of millions awaits to applaud. I would myself, but I may be too old. Or maybe not?

Mill Valley CA

I fear a month now of test riding restless cities, may have eroded my otherwise staunch constitution (or perhaps not). Either way, as a precautionary measure,  I have checked myself in for three days in the Mill Valley Inn. I chose Mill Valley as the highest income Democrat stronghold in America, where I would feel among my own kind, and where of course I have some dear friends, who are staying by me at this potentially troubling time. The Mill Valley Inn provides one million count fine cotton sheets (etc etc), French style breakfasts and this most civilised institution: complimentary wine and cheese every evening. Can you believe? Set amidst rings of ancient red woods, and some of the finest dental work you will see on cheesy grins anywhere, The Mill Valley Inn is just what I need at this time, before I dive back into New York, then Athens and Rome. Your thoughts will be with me I'm sure.