May 29th, 2011

Stirring up trouble in Portland

(Left) me looking old enough to appreciate the prostate friendly headrests in this bike themed brew pub in Portland (right) 

I got the style but not the grace, the clothes but not the face, but as sure as Tom Waits is big in Japan, I'm big in Portland—or so I'm telling myself this evening. You see, Bike Portland has published an interview with me, in which I don't come off sounding too stupid at all, at least not to me. Plus Bike Portland is a blog (or online magazine, to be more precise), that most everyone with an interest in bicycle transit must visit on a regular basis, if my own web surfing is indicative. It was most kind of them too to capture a nice "friendly author" type shot of me, that I might even print out and have framed. If you read the comments below the interview, you will see I've roused the vitriol of a few Marxists in Portland by saying 20K bikes are a good thing for cycling, in the sense I might say hugely expensive ultra fine architecture is a good thing for building. It raises the bar. It brings cycling attention It matters not that we cannot all own the good stuff ourselves. It is sufficient that our culture benefit from the great stuff's existence. Marxists, environmentalists, fitness nuts (keeping in mind I fancy myself as an athlete!), even urban planners, who make cycling a handmaiden to those agendas, really can be a wearisome menace, when they infiltrate and make factions. They would make cycling a narrower church. And none, I say none, look as handsome as I look on Bike Portland (refer to photo above).
Thank you so much Jonathan, for such a carefully written piece, capturing the best of my mumbles that day.
And in the next clip, Kirstin (who matches homes to the grateful carless) has caught me looking even more thoughtful—and herself looking elschmicko as well.