June 8th, 2011

Can't see myself bicycle touring in Greece

Ah Greece, expel them from the EU, deny them all visas, certainly don’t let them drive in our countries. Ban them from the Olympics! Why? They drive in the bicycling lane, and use the car lane to overtake. Eeejits, as the Irish would say.
These are not the people who gave us Greek philosophy. These are the people who drove Socrates cr-r-razy. Their ancestors, like most Greeks today, just did what looked fine at the time, never stopping to think. That is why Plato spent his life imploring Greeks to exercise reason. But Platonic philosophy fell on deaf ears in its homeland, I am afrain. Judging with their eyes, rather than reason, the average Greek sees another lane in which to drive, surely not to use to pull over, or in which someone might cycle. 

So I’m calling for a trade embargo. Taiwan, stop selling them bicycles. When they can’t afford fuel, they can go back to walking. To Plato's own descendants living in this fine country, my commiserations. I know you're the handful who cycle.