June 9th, 2011

Poor Greece, she's up the poop

Ah, Athens. Very unstable politically. Reminds me of my time in the Congo. Dwums beating everwy evening. Natives getting restless Elisa! Bring me my elephant gun. But seriouswy, it is very tense here. Indeed! Hundreds of thousands taking to Syntagma Square every evening, where, as luck would have it, my hotel is located. Rather much noise. Rather! Not much chance for investment in another Parthenon here for some time I'm afraid, least of all some kind of temple to cycling, as I have been calling for. 10% of the people here are public servants, and 60% are either too young, too useless, or supposedly "old" to work and pay tax. 3 carrying 10. Neither Apollo, Zeus or Athena can deliver poor Greece from this quandary. Or am I thinking of Cairo? Ah, whatever. I'm too well sedated to really care, right now, I'm afwaid. More cycling news when it comes to hand.