July 2nd, 2011

Why no bike stations in Copenhagen?

People on the town in Copenhagen, often just latch the rear wheel then disappear into the bar. 

One of my main reasons for my coming to Copenhagen, was to learn about their secure bicycle parking. There are millions of bikes here, and not beater bikes either. Most would earn a thief one or two hundred dollars if hocked on the black market. So I naturally assumed there would be secure bike parking stations on every block.
Bike parking American style.

The Danes have built none of that though. Instead, they built a welfare state, where a simple immobiliser lock on your bike will suffice. Few are so desperate, as to steal bikes. Most thefts, I've heard, are attributable to party goers, who have spent their taxi fare home.

They boast here in Copenhagen that their bicycle theft rates match those in Holland. Well ha! If the Dutch left their bikes on the street the way people do here, every last one would turn up tomorrow in Spain.
You can't have my saddle to buy yourself food!

I had thought America were pioneering the design of secure bicycle stations, because so many Americans have been commuting on high performance bikes—a product of long distances, and most thinking they are Lance Armstrong. But another factor, I realise upon coming to Denmark, is America's contentment with other's poverty. Charity is corrupting, Ayn Rand would say. Better to run chains through your Brooks saddle.