July 6th, 2011

Dr. Behooving's Cycling City Awards

My darlings, it was always my intension to sit down and craft one of my characteristically vociferous blog entries, dolling awards to the world's best, worst, and wildest bike cities. It was to be a venerable holiday slideshow, that I know you all would have read to the end. However, Mikael me mate (me ol' dog's date) of Copenhagen Cycle-Chic fame, has gone and saved me the effort, god bless, by filming a clip. With that mephistophelian glint in his eye, he led me on over to one of those amateurish art installations they use to buoy ghost towns (Carlsberg, I believe), telling me how all this was going to be the new urban hotspot one day. Next, he pointed his paparazzi camera toward me. Oh you're a naughty one, Copenhagenize, and a haughty one, Copenhagenize, but not quite as haughty as I come across, on this occasion. My apologies to San Francisco, but you really do breed some dopey bike riders.