July 8th, 2011

Get the Look: Ultra Violent

No driver wants to mess with someone capable of behaving outside of all reason. Drivers literally live in glass houses. So here is a look not intended to win hearts and minds, but to exert a certain Machiavellian charm over our buffoon friends who drive without looking for bikes.  Stetson Bowler, 120 Euro, purchased in Rome. The hat is really all you will need, oh and anything weird on your body.

I'm home now, with that post-traumatic-trip syndrome you get after 9 weeks away, feeling as though nothing in my own town could be of consequence when the world is so massive. It's a feeling that fades, but hell, harness it while it's there, and raise hell for a while. That's what I say. 

So I'm riding my eldest boy to the skate park today, when an uneducated Australian driver (male, over 50, self taught), goes through a stop sign in front of us both. I summons the power of the ol' bowler hat, with its cinematic associations with the ol' ultra violence. Presently I'm stopping the Brompton (never wear a Bowler without a Brompton and/or a cane), and I'm wielding my son's skateboard, as if preparing to throw it. Driver stops, considers getting involved, sees bowler hat... driver escapes.

We can thank A Clockwork Orange, and René Magritte for stereotypical perceptions of Bowler hat wearers, as civil servants who also dabble in surgery, keep three generations of female descendants locked in their basements, collect butterflies and inject snakes with amphetamines to plant in your car should ever you slight us. Bobbin Bicycles in London sell a nice bowler style helmet, though I think I prefer the real thing. And if you like, here's my own favourite scene from A Clockwork Orange the movie: you are invited!

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