July 15th, 2011

Let's build the BIG cyclist!

While I am in the mode of carving a space to speak freely, I should like to give airplay to an idea I was researching in my paying life as an academic, about a possible future for architecture. This move is occasioned by a brewhaha in the press, accusing Rem Koolhaas of modeling his CCTV building on a pornographic image, of a woman on her hands and knees. It was brought to my attention this morning by Professor Holowka of ArchiTakes fame, a fellow like myself, who gives much thought to questions of civic decorum.

From left: How cities might look if the forms of buildings were simply scanned from other things; a teenie weenie monument to the bicycle in Copenhagen; I nominate Mikael from Cycle-Chic as the one to capture a form on the street, to be built at building scale; Rem's clumsy attempt to build something literally modeled on human forms; Lucy the Elephant, an inhabitable zoomorphic colossus.

To save my critics time googling up dirt on myself, the way Rem's have been joining dots, here is a paper I wrote about synergies between adult film and architectural theory, here is a paper I wrote arguing inhabitable buildings could be built in the literal shape of human bodies, and above is one of many images The Hon. Hamish has helped me prepare, imagining how cities might look when the 3-D forms of buildings are produced as cheaply as box-brownie snap shots. The other pieces of the argument, I will ask my most learned and imaginative readers to put together all by themselves, as I am a little busy this week with a certain writing deadline that I have to reach. Use the photos on this page as your clues. The argument concludes with this appeal: let us build a giant inhabitable colossus, in the literal shape of a beautiful woman, riding her bike. Let it be 50, 100 floors high. Let it have lift cores running right up her seat pole. May each of her toe nails be revolving glass doors. May her head be a restaurant. May each office floor be leased to bicycle manufacturers and advocacy groups: she will be the world cycling headquarters. And may I be remembered as the non-conformist who thought the unthinkable, and made the world better for all.

Okay, now I must get back to my work.

Bicycle Sauna, for the architect who has everything

Am I duty bound to bring everything at the nexus of cycling and architecture to global attention, via this gate keeping blog? I guess maybe I am. So here is an architect designed sauna / bike trailer, and I would be most grateful if architects maybe laid off with the bike stuff, unless it's going to involve clients' money, okay? It's just, you're cluttering up my "architecture bicycle" google searches, and cheapening the look of my blog—with all due respect.