July 18th, 2011

There's just never any cycling news in July!

Thank Christ! Some actual news from the wide world of cycling, when July, as we know, really is the doldrums for any kind of news related to bikes. The Chap Olympiad, when English chaps have their annual opportunity to be rewarded for their deportment, has again featured bicycle jousting, with umbrellas as jousts. Thank Christ, as I say, for overcoming the grave, being omniscient (if not obviously in existence), and sending little blessings like these. And Christ, while I have an audience, please grant me patience.

Many thanks to The Honourable Hamish for relaying news of this event. 

"You'll smile like a kid."

I never received hate mail before meeting this guy, and having him mention my blog on his. People actually follow his blog, just to leave nasty comments, then go hunting for anyone with whom he is affiliated, such is the depth of mucho man idiocy among those who think cycling should be reserved for zen masters. I can only imagine how much hate mail Mikael must receive, all from cry babies, who fear an influx of regular people using bikes to go shopping will mean they are no longer Rambo. A Rambo doll should come free with every ProBikeKit order, to keep these dills happy.

The line Mikael uses in this clip (shot in Melbourne last year, I believe), asking you to think back to when you were a kid, and used your bike for getting around, is one I'm hearing quite often. It's like a whispering of something unthinkable, like deposing the aristocrats and letting the people rule Russia or France. Why can't we be kids? Why can't we be kids! Why must me own cars, and pay rego, and get the wheels aligned, and pay for parking before returning to our vehicle on level Orange 3, and proceeding to the boom gate, then joining a jam somewhere underground.
From the splash page of Bowery Lane Bicycles:
"Remember the feeling of freedom and excitement you had as a kid when riding a new bike? You can feel that again, with our vintage-inspired cruisers."

My friend in New York, David Holowka, said something similar when I put him on the spot for a remark while we were riding around Prospect Park a few weeks ago: "You'll smile like a kid."  If I were a marketing genius, and maybe I am, I would say that this phrase, "You'll smile like a kid," with some kind of picture of a bicycle, could start something big.