July 27th, 2011

Culture Cycle Crochet

Some four score and twenty days ago, fortune came knocking in the guise of an electronic correspondence from one Professor Russo (in this case, the “Prof.” title is not a Dr. Behooving style joke. Prof Russo really is a prof, or “ass pro”, as we say in the biz.)

Ass Pro Russo is sitting on squillions of arts council dollars (or maybe cancer research funding, who knows), and has ethics clearance, to chip away at the remains of our structuralist minds, with her post-structuralist one, until the cycling fraternity has submitted to the artworld, by going stark raving mad. Crochet, museology, tour leading, beanies, social media, cycling, footwear, and high tech nano thread… that’s just a sampling of the superficially unrelated fields of endeavour seamlessly yolked in the weltanschauung of this modern day Renaissance style genius. Her most recently cleared ethics application, I can only assume, secured permission to mess with my head in particular, and today, in the course of her experiment with me as its guinea pig, a strange object appeared in my pigeon hole: a hand crocheted beanie, with an aura of quality one would be hard pressed to find elsewhere but those designer stores I see in airports, and avoid, knowing beanies in those shops have price tags of many hundreds of dollars. But whatever, it’s mine now, and it’s been filled with my sweat.
And if I may say, my commute home this evening was more pleasurable thanks to this beanie. Without a trace of safety-see-me vulgarity in normal light, my magical beanie actually reflects car headlights, courtesy of interwoven strands of glass bead reflective thread. It’s warm, but not stifling, and does not impeded hearing. And let us not forget that a paper trail leading to sources or public funding officially sanction the item as “art”, in a country where that term is controlled by pubic servants. Russo assures me arts funding isn't involved, but I contend arts funding made her all that she is, and I'm sure the arts council would back me on that. Nothing is worth nothing, without the government's say-so. 

And to think I knew of no other link between cycling and art, than the SRAM-X cassette, just two years ago, before I started my blog and began associating with high calibre people—not like the ones I meet around here! Here's a link to her website, and these beanies. Hand made by highly paid first world Associate Professors, no less! And get out, they cost just forty bucks?