August 3rd, 2011

Banality is the New Black

Somehow, I did always suspect my hand-held iPhone cinematography style, would inspire a world wide sensation. Witness Twitter Star Brian Jones, as he employs the style while riding through crowds at Womad last week. Now for those wishing to ride the wave of this filmic genre, here are the signature traits of the style: 1. try to capture footage of your own feet, and at least your own chin, if not your whole face; 2. mention me, and or the concept of cycle-space; 3. don't fall off, and; 4. don't be ashamed of banality! Thanks to social media, banality really is the new black. We watch more banal clips, read mor banal text, and view more banal images, than ever before, and do not suffer in the least as a result. Actually, it is probably good for us.

Inviting EOIs from Eastern European cities who would like me as mayor.

I think I've been aiming too low. Satisfying myself with writing books, and getting hits to my blog, enjoying some freebies and hospitality when I'm abroad, and having 272 followers via Twitter and 242 facebook friends, most of whom I don't know. With my brains and looks, I should have control of a city. Not just any city. One in the Baltic states, I would prefer. One where they still have some old Soviet tanks laying around, and where the memory of Stalin means there is still some respect for politicians. I want to be like this Lithuanian mayor, who took more than slight umbrage over German cars parked in his Lithuanian bike lanes. Regular readers may recall how last week I was asking around for a free cargo bike. Forget that. Now I want Riga, or Tallinn, or Minsk. Am willing to learn new languages. I just need your help with some leads to Eastern Europeans of influence.